How To Clean Yourself After Period Islam?

Say “Bismillah” and wash your hands thoroughly three times. With your left hand, wash your private parts. Rub or pat all body parts with water, particularly your private areas after menstruation. Use musk or perfume to rid yourself of any lingering odours.

How to clean yourself after having period?

You need to perform ghusl to clean yourself after having period while you are taking a bath because it needs to do in private way. You need to purify all part of your body and pour water to all the part including your private parts. That’s why you need to do it while taking a bath. 2. Set the intention in your heart to purify yourself

How to clean yourself after a toilet in Islam?

There is another way to clean yourself after a toilet in Islam. If you don’t find any water or there is no water. So, you can clean yourself using three stones or something clean that can be clean yourself, such as a napkin, cloth, tissue, etc. Below here The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said in the hadith.

What is the importance of cleanliness in Islam?

Islam puts a lot of significance on cleanliness internally as well as externally. It should be your duty as a Muslim to ensure your cleanliness and the surroundings. As you perform ghusl, it’s essential that you let the water reach all over your body.

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What can a Muslim woman do during menstruation in Islam?

There are certain things that a woman is allowed to do during menstruation in Islam. Those are basic standard things that are good for her faith in Islam since, at the end of the day, she is a Muslim and is supposed to talk to Allah. Therefore, as an Islamic woman, you should never give up spiritually.

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