What Breaks Your Fast Islam?

Any of the following invalidates the fast:

  • Intentional consumption of food, drink, medicine, or smoking during the fasting.
  • Any injection which has some nutritional value.
  • Telling lies about Allah and or His Messenger (pbuh)
  • Intentional eating and drinking, intentional vomiting, sexual intimacy between a married couple and vitamin injections, all these break a Muslim’s fast and are never debatable between the four schools of thought, said Dr Mashael.

    What breaks the fast?

    There are two categories of things which break the fast, the first being things ingested into the body and the second, things which are expelled from the body. Things ingested which break the fast: Medicine, injections, pills, transfusions.

    What are the things that break the fast in Ramadan?

    One of the most sinful things which lead to the invalidation of the fast is sexual intercourse. It not only breaks one’s fast but is unrighteous and immoral, if conducted deliberately during the day time in Ramadan.

    What are the rules of fasting in Islam?

    This means if a person breaks his fast intentionally, he/she must fast for 60 consecutive days and if not possible (due to health conditions) then he/she should feed 60 poor people (Radd-ul-Mukhtar). Intentionally sticking the finger down the throat and vomiting breaks one’s fast.

    What is the Sunnah for breaking the fast?

    The Sunnah is to hasten to break the fast, which means breaking fast straight after the sun has set. For more, please see the detailed answer. Was this answer helpful?

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