What Is Tazkiyah In Islam?

Tazkiyah linguistically is related to cleansing, purifying and growing. It is the process of cleansing the Nafs (self/ego) from its base and lower qualities, and replacing them with beautiful and spiritually higher qualities. Tazkiyah aims to purify the heart from spiritual ailments, from the darkness of sins and from.

What does tazkiyah mean?

Tazkiyah ( Arabic: تزكية) is an Arabic-Islamic term alluding to ‘ tazkiyat al-nafs ‘ meaning ‘ sanctification ‘ or ‘purification of the self’.

What does “tazkiyah nafs” mean?

“Tazkiyah” therefore literally means, “Purification or Cleansing”. And “Nafs” means the “Soul”. When the two terms are phrased, they mean, “Purification of the soul.”

What is Al-tazkiyah and why is it important?

Al Tazkiyah –the purification of the heart and soul–a significant part of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and plays an essential role in all people’s lives. This Islamic fundamental cultivates people’s consciousness and character, spirituality, and morality.

What is tazkiyah and tasawwuf?

‘Tazkiyah’ is the realisation of this requirement to achieve comfort and honour in eternal life, it is the building block of Quranic teachings. Without this realisa­tion, the effect of Quranic teachings is no different than a lecture to a mad person, which is unlikely to achieve anything. Tasawwuf is the translation of Tazkiyah.

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