What Names Are Not Allowed In Islam?

It is forbidden to use any name which belongs only to Allaah, such as al-Khaaliq (the Creator) and al-Quddoos (the Most Holy), or names which do not befit any except Allaah, such as Malik al-Mulook (King of Kings). This is the consensus of the fuqaha.

Which names should not be allowed in the Quran?

The first category includes names such as Muhammad, Ahmad, Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthmaan, ‘Ali, Talhah and az-Zubayr. They – i.e., ahl adh-dhimmah – should not be allowed to use these names.

What are the wrong nicknames in Islam?

The wrong nicknames were calling a person, “ Dumb, Stinky, Shorty etc ” but here we will talk about the names which are allowed, such as “Abu Hurayrah” whose real name was “Ad-Dawsi Alzahrani”, the nicknames to him was given by Muhammad (PBUH). As per Wikipedia, he was also named “Abd al-Rahman” by Muhammad (PBUH).

What superstitions are prohibited in Islam but Muslims follow blindly?

Here are some of the superstitions that are prohibited in Islam but Muslims follow blindly. 1. Fortune telling is actually prohibited in Islam – however, Muslims tend to be very eager to know what their luck holds 2. Astrology is also prohibited in Islam – judging destiny through planets and stars is not one of Islam’s bylaws 3.

Is having an Arabic name mandatory in Islam?

No, having an Arabic name isn’t mandatory in Islam. The only rule is that the name can’t have a negative or offensive meaning. No, having Islamic names is not mandatory in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to have names with derogatory or evil meanings. Good and Respectful meanings are recommended. Thank You! How can I effectively edit my own writing?

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