What Piercings Are Allowed In Islam?

It is permissible to pierce the ears in order to wear jewellery or other adornments. Double ear piercing in Islam There is nothing wrong with piercing the ear more than once, because the basic principle is that it is permissible and there is nothing to indicate that it is not allowed.

Are ear piercings allowed in Islam?

After vast research, scholars have come to the conclusion that for women and women only, ear piercings are permitted. This was learnt through the studies of the Sunnah and Shariah that described women from the time of the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa salaam) as having their nose and their ears pierced.

Is it haram to have piercings on men?

Piercings of any type are Haram (forbidden) on Men, as adornment by jewellery is only allowed for women. And piercings will be a sort of “imitating” women. So no piercings for men.

Is it permissible to pierce your belly button in Islam?

It is not permissible to pierce the belly button or other body parts such as the lips, tongue, eyebrows as it is not considered an adornment for the Muslim female in Islam – and any piercings for men are impermissible. Having the navel pierced by a female does not make it acceptable.

Can women wear jewelry in Islam?

Furthermore, they should not show their piercings to non-mahrams, as it is not permitted in Islam. ( source) At this point, it is evident that only women are permitted to wear jewelry. Furthermore, some types of jewelry, such as earrings and nose rings, require piercing the ear and nose.

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